This Old House



The house as it looks in the present day.

denis photo

The entrance with Denis’ official photo

garden now

The garden – one of the angles

classroom on the verandah

There is a classroom on the verandah where we would gather

dining room furniture

The dining area on the verandah. They have kept all the old furniture in good shape.


Extensive plantings along the wall.

deb in garden

Deborah in the garden.

from trees

Fruit gathered from the trees all around the garden.

lots of mangoes

Laden with fruit.


The porch with nice stone paving.

lantana and periwinkle

Festive looking flowers, just enjoying the sun’s warmth.

some of the girls with mother teresa

Some of the girls with Mother Teresa. Years ago my parents asked me to make the covers for these chairs. Felt so nostalgic.

some of the girls

It is a simple yet comfortable home for these girls from destitute families. They were a laughing and energetic crowd.

white roses

We took white roses to plant near the grave.


Prayers near the grave.

all of us

All of us after the prayers were said.

debs with father and sister

The sweet, kind people who look after the place with Deborah.

veg garden

They grow vegetables for their kitchen on this side.

veg garden...

More vegetables.

wall a

Sun-loving plants and a Christmas Tree.


A peaceful resting place.

max grave

Nearby is the grave of Denis’ beloved dog Max. The words describe him: Brave, Happy


After Mass and prayers at the grave we had a wonderful breakfast. My niece Arati,  her Mom my sister Jeanne, Mother Teresa, Mushtaq, our taxi driver and Debbie. They were so hospitable and affectionate.


I took this close-up of an appam. Gosh, they were delicious.


Then on the road to Hyderabad where I took this photo of an autorickshaw. This was a pleasant and nostalgic visit to a city and a village which has a dear place in our hearts.


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  1. A bungalow! How lucky you are. I miss having a porch and garden. I just have to make do with potted plants.
    I remember we had guava, mango and jamun trees in my childhood. I recollect taking care of raat-rani, marigold and rose bushes in the front garden. Ahh, memories!

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  2. Thanks for appreciating. This was my father’s retirement home. My parents lived in it for twenty three years before he passed away in 2011. My mother lives with us in Pune now.
    We loved the garden and the many trees. The house was willed to the Nuns who look after and educate destitute girls. It is a beautiful and peaceful place.


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