Creating Stuff


Creating Stuff

Today is the 15th of April. The day after tomorrow, our state, Maharashtra, goes to the polls for the General Elections and I hope to vote if all goes well. I will have a lot of interesting things to report that day. Of course we will have to make sure that someone is in the house with my mother when we go out because if queues are long we may be waiting some time there.

In the meantime, I have photos of things I do and have done some time ago which is a collection of some handiwork. The first photo, sorry it is so blurred, is of a small pillow I made with our initials in large and our names worked in smaller alphabets. It’s neat to tuck under one’s neck while reading. There are other photos of things that I like doing. Firstly, it saves a lot of money making stuff and then, you can use things you have around the house to make things that go together. First up another set of pillows. We call them cushions in India. These are in the living room.


I have some old photos of a sampler bag I made years ago and named it ‘floor of the rainforest’. It has some imaginary botany though.

Downloads- 21 Mar 10 033

'floor of the rainforest' sampler bag, made donkey's years ago...


I make hand bags quite often and keep them carefully!

Downloads- 21 Mar 10 034

This one is made from a shimmery fabric and has sequinned flowers applied. These days I store precious things in it.

Downloads- 21 Mar 10 061

I made this one in the US using a tote I bought from Michaels and a fabric paint pen.

Below is a textile piece made from pieces of a sari sewn onto a thicker base fabric and edged with embroidered strips and with four chain stitch triangles completing it. It is a contemporary take on traditional textiles. I use it as a piece of glamorous fabric to drape on my sofa.

Talu- Saree etc 003

Susan's projects

A floor cushion made from drapery fabric and using embroidered pieces with metal trimming. It is stuffed with cotton wool.


A dress I made for my grand daughter a few years ago. I have made many but the pictures aren’t all available.

Downloads- 21 Mar 10 006

This is a drawing done from an advertisement for hand-cream or something.


A dress I knitted for my grand daughter while in the US. My American nephew in law was the only one of the younger generation who knew anything about knitting and it was such fun to have him listen to me explaining how I created the ruffle at the hem, how many stitches I cast on and so on!


I had an assortment of handmade glazed tiles and used them to cover an old table which was falling apart.


This is a picture I made for an empty wall by using printouts of the background and of the sketch from the Internet, put them together and into a frame that was lying about the house. I rarely throw anything away.

Exilim Downloads- Anya- Jan 10 009

We were going to a wedding with my small grand daughter. I made her a silk Indian style dress and since my daughter did not want to put metal on her ankles (silver anklets) I made these out of some trimming. She was enjoying a good snooze at the wedding when I took this photo.

And that’s it for now about what I fool around doing with my time.


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