Food, Blessed Food


Food, Blessed Food

Today I had a look at how much I weighed and got a terrible fright. Hugely overweight. How has this happened I’m moaning and complaining, I hardly eat anything (not true of course), why have I started putting on weight? And other such nonsense.

I wanted to write about how we have cured the, or should I say the one and only bedsore, so far, that Mummy has had to suffer. I will write about how scary it is to find one and how to treat it but I have got completely distracted by this weight issue.

The reason maybe that she developed this sore was that she had lost a lot of weight at the end of last year, was refusing to eat, and was really bony. Maybe a pressure point developed because of that. On discovering it we went into action and had to work out how to improve her food and her appetite and her nutritional balance.

To give her vegetables and fruits is all very well but she has to want to eat them. As you can see from the photo, the dish looks pretty bland. But in it I’ve added all sorts for flavouring, some ginger and garlic paste and some coriander leaves, some pepper and salt. She does not like chilli. So that’s one meal a day which she has without trouble only if I blend it and she can drink it down.


I got this tin of supplementary food powder so that I could add it on days I was uncertain about how well she was eating. As I’ve already said earlier she has porridge of oats in the mornings with a mashed banana in it.


She likes this fruit so it’s easy to get through breakfast. They get ripe rather fast in the heat and we have to keep buying them every two-three days since more means I have to turn it into cakes and banana bread, all of which she eats with as much fuss as anything else. I want to try semolina porridge too if she would eat it.


Other fruits I have to disguise and put together with ice cream in her dessert section! Or I make a milkshake – that is when I add the food supplement because a milkshake does not feel like much food.

And I have been giving her eggs and fish too. Sandwiches, scrambled eggs and tuna fish etc.

And making cakes and cookies and pasta. That’s the whole problem.

She likes pasta, but I LOVE it. I make such a large quantity so my mother gets enough and then we sit down to dinner and that’s it, appetite (mine) overcomes all sense of proportion and common sense too. And I have been making carrot cake, soft, smooth, yogurt and sugar carrot cake, for her, er, me. I think I’ve consumed more than she has. I’ve made chocolate bread pudding and banana and chocolate chip bread, and cookies with butterscotch bits. The chocolate bread pudding I last made when my kids were at home and it is really easy to just have helping after helping. I have not been taking pictures of these goodies. Food pictures are very dangerous for me. When I’m looking at photos of those fabulous baked dishes on Pinterest I get up and go looking for something in the fridge. My friends are consoling me by saying it’s your thyroid, or it’s hereditary or whatever, but I think it’s my mother’s diet.

I wish she would like these things as much as I do. Or that Uday would polish them off, but no, they are just nibblers. Well, not to be too unkind to myself, all these treats HAVE made Mummy better, even if she has them in smaller quantities than I do. She is certainly more lively, more articulate about what she wants or not. If only I had more self control. Carbohydrates and sugar together are my undoing.


My daughter called today and when I told her my weight I got such a long-distance firing from her and ordered to the gym and to exercise and perhaps try, at least, to control my hunger pangs and shrink that tummy and along with it appetite. I went downstairs, raced around the building till I was sweaty and tired and hot, it is this disgusting summer that’s making me even more inactive.

I am of course, in a quandary, how to keep giving Mummy the kinds of food that have obviously made a difference to her and yet eat less of it myself. I’m thinking about it. I think checking weight regularly is part of the way to control cravings and obviously, doing much more activity. Suvarna is on leave so I have been a bit more active housework wise, otherwise I tend the garden, make beds, clean the bathrooms and tidy up or clean closets, do my sewing and altering, etc. I don’t think this is very hard work and I am thoroughly ashamed to admit it. I cook mostly in the early evenings after she has gone and I have the kitchen to myself, or at about eight o’clock after I come upstairs from my so-called walk. I like to keep cleaning as I cook and she does everything afterwards, so the counter is full of a million things and I find it confusing. She does not like the trips I keep making to the kitchen if she is in there so we give each other space.

I am sure that I can conquer this problem. Others have done it, including a blogger I follow who has just run the London marathon. It needs a fresh take on the whole business of eating and this blessed food is not going to get me to be a useless lump. I am going to note the nutrition as well as the calories consumed, and, basically, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That is a note to myself. Wish me luck.

But before I go, HAPPY EASTER. Have a really blessed day.

(“Blessed” is a common adjective used among my community in place of say, “cursed”…it’s a way I guess of being genteel or something, from days gone by and was very common to describe some nuisance activity or thing especially when I studied in Convent schools, long, long, long, long ago).



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