Song of Hiawatha


Today my eyes are feeling very strained. I think I’ll just put some more photos of my garden and retire to rest them.

Is there something wrong? WordPress is not letting me upload pictures!

The problem with my eyes is that I wear only reading glasses and if I have been focusing close up for too long then my vision gets blurred for a while.

OK, not the garden, let me find some other photos I keep taking.

Nope, no pictures being accepted so I am a bit flummoxed.

OK how about a poem?

A random page from The Song of Hiawatha. How well did Stevenson know the Native Americans I don’t know, and how well were they represented in this poem, however, it is the most lyrical of blank verse that I’ve read. I don’t know too much poetry, though I read it a bit.

“And the merry Laughing Water

Went rejoicing from the wigwam,

With Nokomis old and wrinkled,

And they called the women round them,

Called the young men and the maidens,

To the harvest of the cornfields,

To the husking of the maize ear.”

So then I finally retire. Our house is hot and unpleasant. I checked on Mummy and asked how she was feeling about this awful baking we are going through. She says she is not warm at all. Her room is protected from the afternoon sun but the building does radiate heat at night. These are the bad days of summer. May is worse. Then we start looking out for the rains. I find that she is losing appetite due to heat maybe, so I made her soft scrambled eggs and a cheese toast which she ate thank goodness.

And I am on a diet! That is, reduced intake! Let’s hope it can be sustained.


About susanddhavle

I'm really interested in writing about things that have resonance with people who care for the elderly or ill at home, though other topics interest me as well. In this blog I plan to share my and my family's experiences with caring for my elderly mother. She is now 84 years old. I have done some free lance writing years ago, worked with non-profits and enjoy reading and films.

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