What’s Going On?


What’s Going On?

This is a picture of an injured 70 year old Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Punjab who was beaten up by goons. His name is Dr Dharmvir Gandhi and he is standing for elections from the State of Punjab. I am rather caught up and distracted by the news and the attacks on these candidates and their supporters. However, slowly the party’s volunteers with their refusal to be violent in return, like true Gandhians, have managed, especially in the town of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh where the big name ticket of the BJP, flush with funds and goondas, is standing opposite Arvind Kejriwal, the founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, to charm those on the offensive who are now listening to them and offering them tea and welcoming them.

Well no need to recount again what this Common Man’s Party is all about but to see the philosophy behind those who carry out attacks and contrast it with the ‘spirituality’ that India is said to personify.

But here are some photos to get an idea of how elections take place. There is much more from other parts of the country but I have a few pictures and those I thought I would post today.

beaten 7

This is a supporter and volunteer who was sitting with others in Varanasi when some BJP goons attacked them.

beaten 9

This poor guy was beaten up in Amethi, by Congress goons.

beaten 10

And I guess you get the picture.

This election has been the biggest scandal that this country has been inflicted with. We have a parliamentary system with very unparliamentary members of the polity who are so shameless and unsound in everything they do. The large section of people who never figure in any consideration of the mainstream parties are being drawn to this revolutionary new party that may sound naïve but is as the Hindu newspaper quoted  are a very dangerous group for those who have no understanding of the term ‘democracy’.

So we wait till May the 16th when the results will be out and we will know whether goons are going to run the show or whether someone better is or whether there will at least be a good opposition party. Because the Aam Aadmi Party is here to stay. They have done plenty in such a short time but they will have time to breathe and strengthen their base and their footing whatever the result. It is so heartening to see how they have enthused the many professionals, social workers, activists and other ordinary people who cannot fathom the level of mischief and wicked deeds that go on in the name of governance and politicking. Ever since the present government enacted the Right To Information Act by which records of public works and others can be applied for and challenged and made public RTI activists are being murdered all over the country.

Right now I am a bit heartsick because even to write about this gives one a feeling of ill health and a bad headache but things must be done sometimes.

You know, I remember my mother in the 1960s talking about an important election and it’s result. She was always arguing and discussing the country’s state and the political scenario. I got sick of things some years ago and just opted out but this time I have to be somewhat involved, if only writing a blogpost.

I would like to add a photo of the gentle mannered Arvind Kejriwal and here he is:1964926_667905456602446_220103728_n


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