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Much Water Under the Bridge


This blog was going apace till we shifted my mother to my sister’s house last year so that we could make a trip to the States to see our children. We vacationed in Hawaii, met the beautiful girl who will be our daughter-in-law and had the best time with our grand daughters.



Aks and Ketaki on their hike


The news when we came home was not excellent. Mummy had a scratch in the corner of her eye and that had seemed to get infected. One or two doctors who came to see her seemed to be worried that it was something serious. Well finally we put her into a hospital where they did a biopsy and it turned out to be Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. So that has been preoccupying us all this while. Meantime I completely forgot about the blog. I know in December I wrote a note saying I would restart but then was not in the best of spirits.

The side of her face started swelling and looked red. This is what disturbed her regular doctor. He felt she needed some testing or treatment. We had no idea how to even start to go about this. Many advised no intervention and that seemed wisest at the time but gradually, the sight of her facial distortion was making us think she must be in distress and pain, however, unable to tell us. I was having difficulty believing anyone could get cancer at the age of 84 anyway. At first, after registering her for palliative care with The Cipla Foundation here in Pune, who have a research facility and carry out treatment free for cancer patients, we also accepted the idea of not doing anything invasive and letting the illness take its course. Meanwhile we did talk to people asking for recommendations on some course of action as the worry about her condition became all pervasive.

She was also eating poorly and had lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Then one day Uday decided to go see a Cancer specialist at Ruby Hall Clinic’s Cancer facility and he said look here this thing is curable.

Of course she is old but we thought chemo treatment would likely kill her before the cancer did. Jeanne came here, we conferred and said it would be injustice not to try to do something. Ultimately we decided a date with consultations and were told to admit her for a day every three weeks or so and she would receive a ‘targeted’ injection.

This would usually take the whole day. At first the doc there told us that one injection would be sufficient. Then he said at least six should be given and then…but there is a lot to describe and I will come to that next time.