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mummy 60s
Welcome to my blog searandyellowleaf.  I like to read blogs and keep up with new as well as the blogs I follow. It’s hard for me, in my new excitement, to not jump out of bed every morning and go straight blogwards. Usually I go to my balcony patch to keep an eye on my tomato plants, check the orchid buds that are appearing on a more than one year old plant, wander about vaguely, then unwillingly do morning chores, but for now it’s the blog, the blog, the blog. Here’s what it’s about:

For the last seven or so years, though I do lots of other things too, I have been sharing with my sisters the care for my elderly widowed mother. I am a grandmother myself. I’m basically a gregarious and optimistic person, all sorts of things give me joy…birds and their songs, almost any music, words that are beautifully put together, films, and not least, my two grand daughters. I believe I have something interesting to say for readers who will have experiences in caring for the old and young. I hope to be able to share the joys and sadnesses and the illuminating moments of being a carer for my Mom. I’m sure to learn too, from people who care to read and let me know their own experiences. Click here to access the posts.

Mom 1979


mummy in wheelchair


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  1. Your blog has a special meaning for me as I see it has a close connection with the late Air Chief Marshall Denis La Fontaine who I held in very high esteem.
    Thank you and wish you a wonderful blogging.
    With kind regards.


  2. Your blog has given a special meaning to my life as I take care of my old mother too. She is only 74 but needs care though up and about.. Her memory lapse is what i deal with… Your blog helped me see her need with a different angle and I want to do more and more for her.. I got introduced to your blog by my dear friend Kirti Kachru and I am grateful to her for that.


  3. Hi Verity, I have not been able to write….am wondering how to change my blog….my Mom has gone to my sister’s place and we go to the US for two months. I might make a journal of my stay there. Thanks for your concern. Hope to be able to do something soon.


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