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My Trip


I am in Hyderabad, where it’s plenty hot but it is still a vibrant and lively city. I’d never stayed in the Banjara Hills area which has quiet lanes, pretty houses and is smart. My sister will be living and working in Hyderabad for three years.


We went to buy some rose plants to take to Brahmanpalli tomorrow. In the blazing sun these plants were all lined up in the nursery we went to….it’s not peak flowering time, roses do best in winter, but we managed to find some with multiple buds and which looked like healthy specimens.


It is strange to be here after these many years, but we feel an affinity with this state and this city because we had visited it so frequently when my father was alive. We also spent some of our young days here and used to know it pretty well. In fact, it is where Jeanne was born.

All of us are pretty fond of gardening and the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy had told us they would plant a garden for Denis. I am so keen to see the place and all it’s changes. Today I have some pictures of Jeanne’s plants on her terrace.





Meanwhile, Suvarna is staying overnight at our house in Pune to help out with Mummy. The reason is that Uday can’t help to lift Mummy as his wrist is still not strong enough after that fracture he had in November. She helps with lifting her up and out of bed and to put her back, things I do when I’m there. Uday is fixing her meals. He called to say that everything was fine and Mummy in particular, was fine too.


It is a warm afternoon. We had a nice South Indian lunch of dosas and idlis with coconut chutney and some delicious fruit drinks and have come home to cool off. Everyone, my niece is also here, is feeling dozey and falling asleep. We are up early tomorrow as Brahmanpalli is about seventy kilometers from here and Mass is at Eight in the morning in the chapel of our old home.

So tomorrow I plan to take a number of photos and one of these days put up a photo replay of that sweet little village and it’s life as it is now.

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