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Gardening Zen


Gardening Zen

This post is about something I am pleased to have accomplished. And that is making compost from scrap. It was a pleasing two hours I spent yesterday, mixing soil from the nursery with the rich, healthy smelling compost made over the last six to nine months. I had two containers going and when they were full of kitchen scraps, garden clippings, eggshells etc, I just forgot about it and when I opened it yesterday to find out how it was faring it was ready to use. I made some good looking mix and then in the empty container started off a new process. I also have a lovely terracotta container in three parts which I bought here in Pune. That will be the next lot I use, but not for months.

I bought a croton and some pink verbena yesterday. They look so colourful and gorgeous next to each other.

So lots of photos today. Most are fresh but some are from when the plants were flowering and have now been pruned.

I bought the hens and chicks plant and have to pot it into a better container. For now it is standing happily next to the mixed mini garden.

rock garden

Here is the verbena looking rather flashy!


The variegated Schefflera now has bigger leaves than when I bought it, my good soil of course.


The taller plants work as screens for privacy but do not block the breeze.

tall plants

Tht’s the principle at work in the bedroom balcony too but in summer the sun is fierce and the plants are really under stress so have to be maintained carefully. I have pruned some and cut some for propagating so there is a bit of an empty look. The view, not so clearly seen here, is of the solar panels on top of the serviced apartments called Oakwood, opposite our place. I am so pleased with the sight always.

broom bal

This is on the living room balcony. This piece of furniture used to be in the kitchen but when we had a pantry built it was moved out here to hold plants handsomely.


We call this money plant. Is this some kind of philodendron? anyone?


Newly planted croton. I am so in love with the colours.


here is a close up of the mixed soil and compost (the darker bits).


I stopped pruning this vine which gets pretty tiny blue flowers like mini morning glories but it is now refusing to flower and just going wild all over the place. That’s OK for now.


Here’s one of my containers for making compost – just an old wastepaper bin. That’s new stuff being put in to rot!


This well made terracotta three-piece container is for making compost. I bought it from Swacch, an organization in Pune which teaches and assists in the correct, eco-friendly way to deal with waste.

bin closed

Here it is with the upper compartment open to show the top layer of garden dry leaves and such. I do this to prevent smell and insects from getting into the kitchen waste. Please do remember never to use cooked food while making compost.

bin open

This section onwards are old photos of plants which have now been pruned. They will look lush and flower in a bit of time.



This was something I learnt from Pinterest. I cut a tomato in quarters and buried it in soil. It gave up some pretty seedlings and turned into a vine which gave me about twenty seven tomatoes. I was really pleased, I was.


Lastly, this is my Buddha garden which I made after seeing something similar a friend had done.

buddha garden

And this here is what I can see if I sit in my armchair by the door and look out. Not a bad sight, as far as I’m concerned.


My gardening implements consist of an old kitchen knife, my kitchen scissors for light pruning. I cannot work with gloves, they drive me crazy so I just let mud get on my hands and then wash them and apply moisturizer. I do have a hardy pair of secateurs though and they are used well to keep things in control otherwise there would be a jungle out there. It’s all very hit and miss though and I have had to learn from many, many mistakes. I have learnt a lot from Pinterest. There are gorgeous photos pinned which inspire a love of garden growing, lots of hints, lots of good advice and ideas.

I’d like to tell you all that my sister has a gardening blog. It’s on wordpress too and it’s called oxygenforthesoul.wordpress.com