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Visitors for Mummy


arati with mummy
Today my mother had some visitors. My niece who has come to Pune from Delhi on some work is staying the night with us. She is a lively girl with a love of family stories and having a good laugh or two. She looks so happy in the photos I took of her standing near her grandmother. The young bring a kind of uplifting of the soul. I would definitely feel terrible if I could not ever have young folks to chat to. There is so much going on in their lives.

m and a
Another visitor today was from Delhi too. This was Mummy’s friend and colleague when they worked together in the same organization in Delhi in the Nineteen Eighties.
Mummy’s friend met her husband through my parents when she would visit their house. Both these friends have lost their life partners now. She sat next to Mummy holding her hand, smoothing her forehead and telling her about her family, her kids and grandkids.

Mummy gets occasional visitors. Friends from our building who are all around my age will drop in sometimes and Mummy will respond to a hello or a bye bye. My sister in law will come sometimes too and chat with her cheerfully.

Another niece who is married to an American came year before last with her American in-laws. It was quite something to see her Mother in law interact with Mummy, who loved her sweet chattiness.


I inserted this photo of a plant that I pruned quite daringly, not sure what would happen. I just did not like the way it was becoming so extra tall. And it is now a wonder of flowers. But that’s by the by.
I have actually somehow lost the post that I first wrote, I don’t know how and am having difficulty remembering what I had written. I have stopped writing notes and just try to compose posts as I do emails when I write them to my kids. I wonder if this is not such a good idea because once lost something spontaneous in it is hard to replace.

All I can remember of what I wanted to close with was that the visits cheer everyone up. The younger folks have more interesting news for us than we have for them I’m sure and the older ones come with their compassion and affection for us which delights and makes us go all yakkity yak.

I had taken some pictures today of Mummy watching TV before she goes to bed, sitting up for her daily change of position. This changing positions is very important for bed ridden patients and I have to devote a post to that.

My friends and relatives constantly ask about my mother’s health and well being. I think people are basically so kind and their love nourishes me as well.


So bye from me for tonight. I hope I am more capable next time.